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New legislation is on the horizon, impacting how brokers certify the fitness and probity of individuals in certain roles starting December 29, 2023. Meet these obligations seamlessly with Probity4Less by Search4less.

What is Probity4Less?
Probity4Less, an integral part of our Search4less suite, simplifies compliance, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness for brokers. Our searches align with Central bank requirements, offering complete bonding and a compliance certificate for your firm.

Key Features:

  • Certified Compliance: Receive fully bonded compliance certificates meeting Central bank standards, complete with watermark and a unique certificate number.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Behind-the-scenes interim monitoring of all members, with instant notifications for senior executives.
  • Flexible Updates: Add new employees at no extra cost until the next annual update.

Avail our services at a flat rate of €10 (inclusive of VAT) per name.

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