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Phone: 01 4853475

Brokers Ireland have partnered with to help reduce your utility costs in two key areas of Energy (Electricity & Gas) and Merchant services (Card / Online Payments). are Irelands largest Utility consultants with over 20,000 customers nationwide.
  • Partnered with all major suppliers in each industry, will conduct a free utility
    audit on your current Electricity, Gas and Merchant Service bills. They will also provide
    ongoing account management throughout the duration of each contract, saving you time
    and money each year.
  • Energy – Save up to 50% on electricity and 65% on Gas usage.
  • Merchant Services – Save up to 35% on transaction fees and terminal rentals.

Why Choose

  1. Increase profits with an average saving of 30%
  2. Increase negotiating power by tendering to multiple suppliers
  3. Save considerable time and effort
  4. First class account management every step of the way

To get in touch and avail of a Utility Audit, please contact:

Dean Rock on 087 701 8607
John Small on 087 063 0546 or alternatively email

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