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What’s Xennial365?

Xennial” refers to the generation of people born between 1977 and 1983, who experienced both traditional and digital technology, and who possess unique skills and knowledge to address today’s business challenges. “We are Xennials”.

365” represents the commitment to providing comprehensive and personalized technological solutions throughout the year, 365 days. We also refer to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 consultancy services excellence.

 What’s an IT enterprise architect?

The role of an IT Enterprise Architect extends beyond individual projects; they provide a long-term vision for the organization’s IT infrastructure. By identifying opportunities for standardization, consolidation, and automation, they enable businesses to eliminate unnecessary expenses, minimize downtime, and ensure scalability as the company grows.

What We Do? We do projects.

IT Consulting, including IT Overviews & documentation, On-Premises and Azure deployments, Enterprise Wi-Fi designs, Cybersecurity, Microsoft 365 Audits, and IT Project Management.

Merges and Migrations, Email and data to Office 365, Virtualization, IaaS migrations to Azure, Data Migration and Application Migration.

Training, In-house tailored training programs.

Companies we work with

Primarily, we collaborate with various companies in Ireland across sectors such as finance, international healthcare, insurance, retail, and other IT service providers. Our work involves understanding their unique needs and challenges and providing tailored IT solutions to help them optimize their operations and achieve their business goals.

In a world where technology is essential, finding a loyal partner is not complicated. We work with Irish, Spanish, and English customers offering IT Consultancy Services related to Infrastructure, Virtualization, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Azure

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