Benefits of Membership

For New Broker Membership Applications

Compliance & Legislation

  • A fully comprehensive Compliance manual incorporating the revised Consumer Protection Code, template documents and other regulatory requirements that are relevant to our members
  • Review facility available – whereby Members ‘Terms of Business’ and other relevant compliance documents, procedures and websites can be reviewed by the Compliance unit
  • Provision of individual compliance support for members on queries
  • Assistance for members in dealing with complaints and providing guidance in relation to the Financial Services and Pension Ombudsman process
  • The unit can liaise with the Central Bank of Ireland on an anonymous & confidential basis on member issues
  • Representation and lobbying

Representative Body

  • Individual and Group Representation at government and institutional levels. E.g. Central Bank, Oireachtas.
  • Promote the role of the Insurance Broker/Financial Broker through media and press coverage.

CPD Events

Brokers Ireland is committed to helping members and their staff meet their annual CPD requirements. Brokers Ireland provides over 20 hours of life and general insurance CPD annually, covering all categories for members every year inclusive of your membership fee.

Brokers Ireland also host a General Insurance conference, LPI awards and the Financial Broker Conference annually, as well workshops, soft skills training, webinars and ethics seminars annually for members.

Negotiated Agency Agreements

The organization has negotiated agency agreements with all Life offices, (Please contact the Brokers Ireland office to get a list of company contacts so that you can obtain these improved agreements).

The Key features of the Agency Agreement are as follows:

  • Non-cancellation on the grounds of production of business
  • Agency buy-out
  • Client Bank protection
  • Dispute resolution & arbitration

Compensation Fund

Brokers can significantly improve their competitive position through our Compensation fund, up to 5 times more cover than the ICCL.

Brokers Ireland Mortgage Services

Brokers Ireland Mortgage Services facilitates the independence of the Brokers by giving them access to almost all the lenders in the market. We provide a non-exclusive packaging solution, with no threshold requirements. This service is of critical importance in ensuring that the mortgage market remains accessible to Brokers Ireland Members. As a member of Brokers Ireland you can join Brokers Ireland Mortgage Services for no additional joining fee if you are authorized as a Mortgage Intermediary, for more information and application fees on Brokers Ireland Mortgage Services please contact the Mortgage unit 01 4922203

The key advantages to members are:

  • Increased commission starting from 1% with no thresholds
  • Flexibility to deal with the Network or not depending on the agency’s held

Broker 4 Broker Scheme

Brokers Ireland  has broker for broker facility with up to 100 different product types, covering 20 different categories of risk, to allow members to access these products. Some of the comprehensive list of products covered includes Liability, personal, motor Marine, leisure, retail and sport. For further information please contact the Brokers Ireland office on 01 661 3067.

Brokers Ireland Logo & Branding

You can use the Brokers Ireland name and logo on all your company stationery, enhancing your credibility as a member of the pre-eminent Broker body in Ireland.

Financial Broker Membership

At the beginning of 2010, PIBA initiated a Broker branding project with the support of the eight life companies. The feedback from the consumer groups, the life companies and Broker research groups indicated that there is overwhelming support for the concept of a larger brand that represents the Brokerage community in Ireland.  The aim of the project was to create consumer awareness of the Broker profession and develop a common platform and identity for Brokers, thereby establishing Brokers as part of a consumer’s consideration set when making financial decisions.

For an additional subscription, you can become a Financial Broker member. Your profile will appear on a central register of Financial Brokers All marketing and advertising efforts will direct the public to this register.  For more information on Financial Broker please contact Niamh Hayes on 01 01 6613067, or

Financial Broker Guides

We have launched 20+ professional Financial Broker guides with over 600 pages of technical guidance to enhance your business.  As well as technical guides, there are 11 consumer booklets available, that can be distributed to clients/potential clients to assist you in your marketing efforts.

Other Benefits include

  • Regular advice, bulletins and information to assist you in continually improving and growing your business
  • Your company contact details will be listed on the Brokers Ireland website for public viewing.
  • Affinity deals; phones, PII Group scheme, Niche Life product, stationary, call recording and printers. For further information on these benefits, please click here

At Brokers Ireland, we are committed to offering you great service.  To view a list of our staff that are happy to help you with any questions you may have, please click here

If you have any queries on the above please contact our offices on 01-4922202.

Zurich/Brokers Ireland Online

  • Details of the 2017/18 Brokers Ireland Online Scheme for members can be found under affinity schemes.

Practical Documents

  • Professional Indemnity Guide
  • Several template documents for your business


  • All members and their staff receive a Fortnightly updates on IBA activities and Industry news.
  • Access to continually updated Members area on the website with documents, news, press releases.

Use of Brokers Ireland Facilities

  • All our members have FREE access to the Brokers Ireland boardroom facility, which holds up to 16 people including internet access and Wide Screen TV and presentation facilities.

MyBrokersIreland (Formerly known as Young IBA)

 My BrokersIreland represents all member staff offering wide range of CPD events, Educational assistance, social events and networking occasions. Over 800 members have signed up to date and it is continually growing. MyBrokersIreland also has its own dedicated section in our Secure Login Members area.

For further information on joining Brokers Ireland, please call David Holton on 01 661 3067 or alternatively email