New Ireland Update 02nd July 2024

Tue Jul 2 2024

Good news! New Ireland’s PruFund Cautious positive UPA performance

On 25 June 2024 Prudential made a Unit Price Adjustment (UPA) announcement of 2.22% for PruFund Cautious which means policyholders invested in the PruFund Cautious fund saw a rise in the value of their investment, gross of tax & charges. The PruFund Growth fund continues to increase daily in line with the fund’s estimated growth rate (EGR), gross of tax & charges. Find out more about the positive impact of this UPA here

Flexible & Transparent Pricing with New Ireland’s Easy Access Smart Funds

New Ireland’s Easy Access Smart Funds comes with flexible and transparent pricing for brokers recommending Single Premium Life Investments. Read more here

New Ireland’s Broker Portal Enhancements – Making it easier to do business together

Thanks to your valuable feedback we’ve improved Broker Portal even more! We’re pleased to say that Broker Portal is now the established way of doing business for our brokers.
Our aim is to continue to ensure we make it easier to do business together from the placing of new and existing business, the ongoing management of your clients’ policies and in making a claim.
Read more here

Good news – New Ireland’s Sentinel Fund range has now reached a new all-time fund value high!

Our Sentinel Fund range provides a promise that the value of an investment in the fund (before fees and charges are deducted) can never fall below 85% of the funds’ highest value.
With the funds’ recent strong performance, the protected price now rises for all investors – based on 85% of the highest fund value (gross of tax and charges).
Read more here

View New Ireland’s Employer auto-enrolment opportunity video

At New Ireland, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to pensions. Tailored advice from a Financial Broker or Advisor is invaluable. The introduction of auto-enrolment can become an opportunity for employers and advisors to shape a pension plan that truly meets the specific needs of employers and their employees. In this short video aimed specifically at employers, Neville Maxwell discusses the importance of advice and how our MyPension365 platform empowers employers and advisors to design bespoke pension plans tailored for better outcomes.
Watch the 1 min video here

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