The Insurance Institute Micro Credentials

Tue Jul 2 2024

The Insurance Institute Micro-credentials are a great opportunity for those working in a Broker office to do more by growing their technical knowledge and earning the title Specialist.

Micro-credentials are a flexible route to qualifications that allow you to expand your knowledge and skillset in a shorter timeframe.

When you successfully complete one of the micro-credentials, you earn a certified Digital Badge, highlighting your expertise in one of the following specialised areas:

  1. Motor Insurance Specialist (MDI-04)
  2. Liability Insurance Specialist (MDI-05)
  3. Commercial Property and Business Interruption Specialist (MDI-06)

The micro-credentials can also be completed as part of the full Higher Diploma in Insurance Management qualification – the same entry criteria apply for both.

Applications are open for the next semester.

Learn more. Do more. Be more.

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