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Mon May 21 2018

Your Global Partner in International Private Medical Insurance

With the number of people working abroad increasing and a significant majority failing to take adequate protection against the health risks they will face, AIG Ireland is delighted to announce that we have launched our new Expatriate Care product.
You may ask what the difference between travel insurance and expatriate care is. To put it simply, travel insurance provides a short term solution. It does not satisfy long term medical insurance requirements. Expatriate Care replaces the need for those working abroad to buy local health insurance policies. With this cover, employees will have peace of mind with medical expenses cover of up to €5million per person without restrictions for preconditions or a need for a medical examination. There is also no waiting period when an employee returns home to the Republic of Ireland if they insure with Laya Healthcare on return.
Aimed at organisations headquartered in the Republic of Ireland with expatriate employees working across the globe, Expatriate Care is designed to provide a solution for businesses of any size, from SMEs through to large corporates. Expatriate Care programmes can be set up with as few as three employees. We have partnered with global medical plan administrator Henner to provide an expatriate programme that offers superior medical care and straightforward administration.

When it comes to healthcare, timing can mean everything

  • 24/7 assistance centres
  • Multi-lingual service team (40 languages spoken)
  • Letter of guarantee for emergency hospitalisation within 2 hours
  • Email response within 48 hours
  • Reimbursements within 72 hours

Access to some of the world’s leading medical specialists

When an employee is far from home, in a country where the medical system is unfamiliar, they can sometimes need reassurance that they have received the best advice available. With AIG’s Expatriate Care, employees have access to Medical Second Opinion and MyHealthPortal to provide that peace of mind.

Medical Second Opinion

A medical second opinion is an additional consultation following a first medical diagnosis from a local consultant. With constant advances in medical science, it is difficult for any one doctor or surgeon to be aware of the latest innovations. While in many cases a second opinion will confirm a diagnosis or suggest only minor changes to a treatment plan, employees will have the reassurance that their diagnosis has been verified by internationally recognised specialists.

MyHealthPortal – from anywhere in the world, a medical team is only a click away

MyHealthPortal  is a virtual health clinic providing access to best in class medical support. Accessed via and available free of charge, services for expatriates and their families include:

  • Nurse connect
  • Health information
  • Cancer assist
  • Surgery consultation

Expatriate Care features

  • Medical expenses – in and out patient care up to €5million per person per year
  • Medical evacuation and assistance
  • Political evacuation – up to €50,000
  • 3rd party liability – up to €1million
  • Legal assistance – up to €15,000
  • Maternity cover benefit
  • No waiting period for moving from another provider
  • No waiting period when returning to the Republic of Ireland with Laya Healthcare
  • Personal property – up to €50,000 (optional cover)
  • Routine vision and dental – up to €3,000 each (optional cover)


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