Aviva Update – 04th September

Mon Sep 4 2023

CPD Webinar- – The Evolution of Protection?

Brokers, how will Chat GPT affect the evolution of protection? Emma Roberts and Maebh Monahan will be joined by Gautham Suresh for our CPD webinar on Wednesday 13 September 2023 to discuss the impact of AI as well as how our products are evolving.

Aviva MAFs Bitesize – Is a recession still on the cards?

Since interest rates went up everyone’s been talking about a recession being on the cards. However, the US, Europe and UK have so far managed to avoid that scenario. We discuss why as well as a couple of reasons to be a bit more optimistic. https://www.avivabroker.ie/news/funds/mafs-bitesize-digestible-updates-on-markets-and-funds/

Aviva Fixed Deposit Funds

If your clients are looking for a lower risk investment with a higher rate of return for either their Savings or Pensions,  talk to them about the new Fixed Deposit Funds available through Aviva’s range of single premium contracts including Investment Bond, Pensions & ARF. https://www.avivabroker.ie/news/funds/beat-the-bank/


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