Aviva Update – 13th May 2024

Mon May 13 2024

Aviva Ethics Webinar: Wilful Blindness – The Dangers of Groupthink

Watch our Ethics Webinar playback for a discussion on “wilful blindness” with renowned writer and TED Talk presenter, Dr Margaret Heffernan here.

Aviva Beat The Bank

Thank you to the many brokers who attended our “Beat the Bank” webinar week in March. We were delighted with the positive feedback so many of you sent us. Here are Norman Costello’s five key takeaways from the event.

Aviva MAFs Bitesize

Buy now, Pay Later’ services give consumers the ability to pay for purchases in interest rate free instalments. In this week’s Bitesize, we discuss why they’ve been coined by some as ‘phantom debt’ and the implications that can have on fully understanding the financial health of the US consumer.

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