Aviva Update – 19th March 2024

Tue Mar 19 2024

Aviva Fixed Deposit Funds Series 5

We’re delighted to launch Series 5 of our hugely popular Fixed Deposit Funds available through Aviva’s range of single premium contracts including Investment Bond, Pensions and ARFs.

Aviva How to Beat the Bank Webinar Resources

Thanks to all brokers who joined our Savings & Investments Masterclasses this week. Visit our webinar hub to review all material shared.

Aviva Care Update

Aviva Care has been extended to cover children and students in full time education up to age 23 years.

Aviva MAFs Bitesize

The US equity market represents about 60% of global stock markets and is heavily concentrated in technology. Is this unusual or is BIG better? In this week’s Bitesize we discuss why the US equity market has been so dominant and why the growth in the tech sector is not just a US phenomenon.

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