Aviva Update 20th November 2023

Tue Nov 21 2023

Aviva Income Protection Claimant

One of our recent income protection claimants Carole, tells her story about why she was glad her broker advised her to take out income protection.

Aviva: Brokers Ireland CPD Webinar – Pension Opportunities 2024

We are delighted to facilitate a webinar with John McInerney and Clair Carroll on Wednesday 29 November at 10am. Register here.

Aviva MAFs Bitesize: Generative AI hype or reality?

In late 2022 ChatGPT and other generative AI were crowned as new transformative technologies that had the power to change the way we work and even change the way we live. So, nearly a year later, we discuss whether it has delivered on that promise or has it just been AI hype? 


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