Aviva Update – 25th March 2024

Mon Mar 25 2024

Aviva Mortgage Protection

All our Mortgage Protection policies come with Aviva Care at no extra cost. This gives your clients and their families access to a Digital GP from the comfort of their home.

Aviva Care – 2023 A Year in Review

Since its launch in January 2023, 56% of registered customers have used the Digital GP service. See how else your clients have been using Aviva Care.

7 Lessons on the Benefits of Long-Term Investing

Download our guide to the benefits of long-term investing and share with your clients.

Aviva MAFs Bitesize

Love it or hate it, Bitcoin is back! Bitcoin has been on a remarkable run recently hitting an all-time high value at the $72,000 level last week. In this week’s Bitesize we cover what’s been causing this surge in Bitcoin’s value and what this means for multi-asset portfolios

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