Aviva Update 26th February 2024

Mon Feb 26 2024

Aviva CPD Webinar Week: How to Beat the Bank

Join us for our Savings & Investments Master Classes CPD Webinar Week from 4 – 8 March at 9.30am each day; 30 minutes CPD will be awarded for each session.


Aviva’s Children’s Savings Investment Trust

Our new small gift tax exemption propositions allow your clients to use the annual small gift tax exemption to gift up to €3,000 tax free in any one year to their chosen beneficiary. Read this article from Richard Hales to learn more.


Aviva MAFs Bitesize

Argentina recently elected a populist maverick President to try and steer a country out of economic gloom, with inflation running at 250%. Will this new President prescribe the right medicine? We discuss in this week’s Bitesize.

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