Consumer Advice – Defrosting Your Car in Cold Weather and Making the Right House Offer

Thu Mar 2 2023

Catch the latest consumer advice from Zurich on ‘Defrosting your Car Windscreen and Things to Avoid’ and tips on ‘Making the Right House Offer on a House’.

Ways to Defrost your Car Windscreen and Things to Avoid

Find out the most efficient methods to defrost a car windscreen quickly without damaging your car, and what to avoid. No one likes to wake to an icy frosting morning, especially if you are in a rush and need to de-ice the car. When it comes to defrosting the windscreen of your car, if done incorrectly, you could cause damage to the windscreen and car. Our simple guide will explain what to do and what not to go when de-icing your windscreen READ MORE

Tips to Make The Right Offer on a House

Making an offer on a house can be challenging. Find out everything you need to consider when making an offer on a house to buy. Buying a house can be an exciting time, but it also requires planning. Property prices continue to rise, and potential home buyers are faced with seriously low supply levels, so competition is often fierce for those finding and making an offer on a house. READ MORE 

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