Dual Life Mortgage Protection

Thu Apr 19 2018

Leading protection specialist Royal London enhanced its Mortgage Protection last November, making it the best offering on the market. Its Dual Life option, price-matched to the best Joint Life premium, is one notable addition. This offers even better value for customers as, whatever the cheapest Joint Life premium is, Royal London will provide Dual Life cover for the same price. That’s double the cover at no extra cost!

Commenting on Royal London’s Mortgage Protection enhancements, Joe Charles, Head of Proposition at Royal London, said “Coupled with our own ideas for improvement, the enhancements made to our Mortgage Protection policy are based on feedback we received from brokers, as we regularly ask for feedback and, importantly, act on it to improve our service and product offerings for brokers and your customers alike.

“In particular, we believe that our Dual Life cover offers the best value in the market and importantly, is fairer for customers.”

By choosing Dual Life, the two lives are covered independently and a claim for the first life does not affect the cover in place for the second life. Take the example of a couple who have €250,000 outstanding on their mortgage, and cover of the same amount. If they were to both die in a car accident, a Joint Life policy will pay out €250,000 to settle the mortgage and the policy will then end. In comparison, a Dual Life policy from Royal London will pay €500,000, leaving €250,000 available to their estate after the mortgage has been settled.

Other enhancements made to Royal London’s Mortgage Protection include the cheapest Conversion Option available and the lowest minimum premium available.

  • A Conversion Option is available for just 5% extra cost.
  • Premiums start at €10 per month (including 1% Government levy).

Joe concluded, “We are delighted with the very positive response from both brokers and their clients, since we introduced our Mortgage Protection enhancements last November. Royal London has made numerous enhancements to our product offerings in the last eighteen months and this is something brokers can expect to see more of in the coming year, as we continue to seek further ways of strengthening our proposition to you and also providing great cover for your clients.”

For more information about the best Mortgage Protection on the market contact your Royal London Broker Consultant or email service@royallondon.ie.


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