How to choose the right cover level for your van client

Wed Feb 20 2019

Sean McGrath, Product Lead for Flexi Van at Patrona reviews the key features and benefits for your van client.

Sean McGrath, Product Lead for Flexi Van at Patrona

Patrona Flexi Van is a unique van insurance product that takes a flexible approach to providing solutions for your van client. A tiered system of cover options allows you to select the best level based on factors such as your client’s budget, activity, or level of protection preferred. It  is available on Full Cycle EDI making it an ideal choice for busy brokers who want to minimise the administration burden, whilst also offering  your clients the best level of choice and service. Flexi Van is underwritten by RSA.

What covers are available?

There are 6 different cover tiers available to choose from which are outlined below.

1 Star

This is Third Party Only with the addition of cover for medical expenses up to €250, motor legal expenses, policyholder accidental death benefit and a third party damage limit of €6.5m

It is a good option for clients who just want the least expensive cover on a lower value vehicle.

2 Star

This tier provides Third Party, Fire & Theft with Step Back No Claims Bonus Protection. Other features include optional windscreen cover, fire brigade charges and theft of tools cover.

This might be the best option for clients who do not require comprehensive cover but want the security of fire and theft cover.

2 Star Plus

This offers all the features benefits of 2 Star Flexi Van along with replacement locks and breakdown assist cover. It also gives the added reassurance of Full No Claims Bonus Protection. Optional open driving and windscreen cover are also available on our 2 Star Plus policy.

3 Star

At this level we are moving into Comprehensive cover. 3 Star offers your client basic Comprehensive cover and includes medical expenses and embedded windscreen cover as standard.

4 Star

This tier offers a range of benefits to your client in addition to Comprehensive cover and Step Back Bonus Protection. Clients who select this level will have the reassurance of breakdown assist, step back bonus protection and motor legal expenses.

5 Star

This is the bells and whistles approach to Van insurance and offers your client the ultimate cover available with a range of additional features and benefits. It is particularly well suited for your clients who may drive other vehicles occasionally, as it includes fully comprehensive driving of other vans. Clients will enjoy Comprehensive Cover with Full No Claims Bonus Protection and policyholder accidental death benefit of €100,000.


Will your client qualify for Flexi Van?

Policies can be arranged under an Individual, Sole Trader, Partnership or Company name. We accept proposers aged between 25 and 80 years. For added flexibility those who fall outside of the preferred age limit may be referred to the underwriting team for individual consideration. We accept No Claims Bonus/Named Driver Experience from the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain. Patrona will also quote for electric vehicles within our acceptance criteria.

In terms of limitations that apply to vehicles, some key points to keeps in mind are:

  • Vehicles must not be more than 21 years old at the time of the policy start date.
  • The Commercial vehicle must have a valid CRW or NCT. Regardless of the motor taxation category, for more details see

  • Vehicles must be right hand drive.
  • Vehicles with modifications are only accepted on a referral basis.
  • Maximum of 6 seats.
  • Must be registered in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Market value should not be greater than €60,000. We will consider vehicles in excess of this on a referred basis.

For detailed Underwriting Guides and further information on acceptance criteria contact the Patrona Flexi Van team.


If your client has multiple vehicles please ask about our fleet solutions. If your client is a business  don’t forget to ask us to quote for their  Employers and Public Liability, Property or other Commercial Insurance requirements. Patrona offers a range of solutions and will always consider connected business favourably.

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