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Thu Nov 30 2023

The Individual Accountability Framework (IAF) affects all Regulated Financial Services Providers (RFSPs) and individuals who perform controlled functions (CFs) on their behalf. Certain RFSPs (including Credit Institutions, certain insurance/reinsurance undertakings and certain investment firms) are additionally in scope of the Senior Executive Accountability Regime (SEAR).

The introduction of the IAF is a positive development. It will provide clarity of responsibilities, which will underpin sound governance across the financial sector. This should enhance the culture of accountability in firms, and bring clarity to individuals in respect of the standards of conduct they are expected to meet.

Grant Thornton is a market leader in the IAF space. With deep and unrivalled experience in providing broader IAF implementation advisory services support across a number of firms, our commitment extends to delivering tailored training programmes that empower Boards, Pre-approval Controlled Functions (PCFs) and CFs to navigate the complexities of the IAF.

Grant Thornton develops customised training to meet the specific needs of organisations focussing on IAF key components and what they mean in the context of your firm.

To discuss how Grant Thornton can help you, please contact Sarah Langwell sarah.langwell@ie.gt.com

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