IIPM 2021 Courses Now Open for Enrolment

Thu Sep 2 2021

Whether you are new to pensions or an experienced industry practitioner, why not take the next step up the ladder on your professional development and education journey? Students with an interest in our profession, pension administrators, consultants, trustees, or members of HR, compensation and benefits, payroll and accountancy functions are all welcome and will gain the most from our programmes.

Education and best practice are the core remits of the IIPM and the need for formal education in pensions has increased significantly in recent years, with growing complexity in the subject matter, intervention from the European Union, a more proactive regulator and an increased overall interest in retirement planning from the public.

The Higher Diploma in Pensions Management in association at Griffith College in Dublin is now enrolling for a September start date.

Benefits to employees include:

  • Develop your knowledge, skills and confidence
  • A pathway to further promotion, better pay, career development opportunities
  • The prestige of holding a highly regarded qualification

Benefits to employers include:

  • Better informed staff on whom you can rely for sound accurate technical knowledge
  • Minimum Competency for Central Bank purposes
  • Ability to market your organisation as acknowledged experts.

For further information please visit www.iipm.ie or google ‘pension diploma’.

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