New Initiatives from Standard Life

Thu Feb 2 2023

Responding to your clients’ changing needs is important. Standard Life have new offers available that will help advisers cater to clients affected by changing regulation such as IORP II or the new PRSA rules thanks to Finance Act 2022, as well as new lower risk investment options now available at this time of increased interest rates.

Starting the year with new initiatives for you and your clients

In January, Standard Life launched new offers for advisers on our Synergy PRSA products as well as brand new Structured Deposits with Barclays Bank Ireland. These initiatives are examples of how Standard Life responds to our changing market and continues to offer solutions for your clients, on their journey to and through retirement.

PRSAs – keep the personal in Retirement Saving

Find out more about the new offers available on Synergy PRSAs and why, thanks to Finance Act 2002, the PRSA is the product now offering a client and adviser-friendly route to IORP II compliance.

Speak to your Standard Life Business Manager or click here for more.

Standard Life launch new Barclays Structured Deposits

With the increased interest rate environment, we’re seeing a higher interest rate environment, we’re seeing an increasing demand for more lower risk investment options. The new three- and five-year Barclays Euro Structured Deposits may be a suitable option for some of your clients’ portfolios and are available through our Self-Directed Options across the range of Synergy products (excluding Synergy PRSA).

Speak to your Standard Life Business Manager or click here for more.

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