New Ireland – May Updates

Wed May 15 2024

Read New Ireland’s latest monthly market update – Divergences to the fore

After 5 months of solid gains in a row, April reminded us of some of the risks currently being faced by global stock (or equity) markets. In his latest monthly market update, Kevin Quinn examines the most prominent drivers behind April’s volatility.

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Watch on demand New Ireland’s webinar: Moving On – the impact of relationship breakdown on protection and pension products

Relationship breakdown can have a significant impact on existing pension and protection policies. In this webinar, experts from our Technical Team discussed this complex area. Topics they covered  included: Existing protection cover – what to consider and Pension Adjustment Orders (PAOs)

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New Ireland’s important update on action required for IORP II compliance deadline for Group Pension Schemes

Click here to read more about New Ireland Group Pension schemes that we are proposing to move to the Navigator Master Trust.

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