Open GI Webinars and News Updates

Thu Jun 23 2022

See below, Open GI’s update to Brokers Ireland members on their upcoming webinar series and blog on the future of insurance.

Webinar Workshops 

Open GI is running a series of three training webinars designed to help Brokers get the most from their Core Broking platform.

The next workshop will take place on 30th June, and will outline topics and queries from Brokers on support. Topics that will be explored include: creating smart letters, frames, calculations, reporting, and renewals. Don’t miss out on your chance to enhance your Core product knowledge, secure your place today!

To register, please visit: 

These final three sessions will be answering the topics and questions you have asked for further information on from the current series. It’s ideal for those looking to enhance their existing product knowledge and learn more about; creating smart letters, frames, calculations, reporting, and renewals. Don’t miss out, secure your place today!

​​​​​​Take a glance at what will be covered during our final workshop:

  • Week 1: Create an invoice and letter templates for an email or chaser sequence plus Add-on Marketplace keyword tips and tricks. Register here
  • Week 2: Find out how to copy or modify existing frames and include these new frames in your workflow. Plus, discover how to create workflows in extended task flow. Register here
  • Week 3: Learn how to run reports on Contract Certainty, Pricing Practices and key performance indicators. Also explore your renewal options. Register here

Blog Update 

To read Open GI’s latest blog on the Future of Insurance, please click here

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