Royal London – Broker Updates May 2023

Wed May 17 2023

Retirement Aspirations Survey

Most Irish people would retire at the age of 60 (36%) with 21% wanting to retire at the age of 50 if they could afford to, and a further one in five (18%) would stop working today if finances allowed, a new survey by Royal London Ireland has found. Commenting on the survey results Mark Reilly, Pension Proposition Lead at Royal London Ireland said that “while many dream of giving up work well before the normal retirement age, early retirement may not be as blissful as people expect. People often underestimate the amount of money they need to have saved up for retirement, as well as the amount of money that they will spend at that stage of their lives.”

Link: Six in ten workers would like to retire at 60 or before according to Royal London Ireland survey – Royal London IE

Why you Can’t Forecast Inflation Without Considering Climate Change

“Climate change matters for inflation. The combined effect of the ongoing transition to lower CO2/greenhouse gas emissions and the direct impact of climate change is one of several likely-to-linger upside pressures for inflation.”

Read more in this article from Melanie Baker, Senior Economist, Royal London Asset Management.

Link: why-you-cant-forecast-inflation-without-considering-climate-change.pdf (



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