Standard Life Launch Series to Support Advisers in Driving Women’s Engagement with Pensions

Tue Mar 28 2023

Standard Life’s Women and Pensions series aims to inspire more conversations with women about their Second Life. Our second annual research publication “Bringing Retirement into Focus” gets to the heart of the challenges of Second Life planning along with uncovering the opportunities from a female perspective. Sonya Lennon, Entrepreneur and Social Advocate lead the discussion on our first webinar on 23 March with Fiona Keane, Head of HR, Europe and Sinéad McEvoy, Head of Technical Solutions at Standard Life.

They shared their personal stories and experiences of retirement planning and explored why women’s confidence and engagement with their pension planning lags behind and how we can support advisers to have better conversations by delving into the key insights from our research.

We know that between 45 – 55 are peak years to think about retirement planning. However, this unfortunately coincides with perhaps the most demanding time in many women’s lives. Often, they’re sandwiched between raising their own family and caring for older relatives. It’s very understandable that retirement planning is taking a back seat.

We need to acknowledge these conflicting priorities and take the first crucial step in simplifying our messages. Only then can we start to reframe and reposition how we tell the story and bring women to the table in a way that emotionally engages them, helping them to better resonate with the benefits of planning for their Second Life.

We’ve had great feedback on our Second Life questionnaire where it has prompted people to think differently. It’s interesting as it really gets clients to take a step back and honestly reflect on how they really feel about retirement and what it could look like for them.

This was the first of three events that we will focus on women and pensions this year. Get in touch with your Business Manager if you’d like to hear more about these events.

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