Standard Life Update

Wed Mar 13 2024

Standard Life – low risk investment options

Barclays Fixed Term Structured Deposits

  • 3 Years – Minimum return of 9.27% (3.00% CAR^)
  • 5 Years – Minimum return of 15.93% (3.00% CAR^)
  • The minimum investment amount is €100,000 and the maximum is €1,000,000.
  • They’re available across all Synergy products except Synergy PRSA and Synergy Executive Pensions. Closing date is 18 April 2024 but may close earlier if oversubscribed.
  • Compound Annual Rate

Full details available here

Societe Generale Fixed Term Deposits

Fixed term deposits with Societe Generale are available across all Synergy Products, including Synergy PRSA.

They are available from 2 to 5 years and the minimum deposit is €250,000.

See the latest fixed term deposit rates here

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