THE SWITCH IS ON….Taking Back Control of your IT Systems

Thu Jan 18 2024

FRS has noticed a trend with a number of SME ‘s moving their business away from the traditional IT Managed Service Provider to hiring a dedicated IT Manager and taking the skills internally, retraining control of their systems, applications, devices, back-up, disaster recovery etc whilst still retaining the IT Managed Service Provider as a back-up but at a much reduced cost.

I recently worked with a client in the South West who had circa 200 employees and had outsourced their IT services.   They had identified their lack of control over their IT systems and infrastructure, IT Security etc as their single greatest risk to their business.  Employees of the MSP began to change and their levels of service were not what they had originally expected.

To start the process, I had a detailed call with the client to get a background on the company, the IT Systems and the type of candidate and skills required for this new role.  The role was not without its challenges, as the client required the successful candidate to be onsite 5 days per week and the location itself was also slightly tricky.

I identified 4 candidates who I sent to the client.   2 candidates were invited to first interview and then one of these candidates was invited back for a second interview and successful offered and accepted the role.

FRS Recruitment is one of the only truly multidisciplinary agencies in Ireland, with specialist recruiters in Agri, Accounts, Finance, Insurance, Engineering, Life Science, IT, Commercial, Pharmacy, Healthcare, & Retail.

We believe in forging strong consultative relationships with our clients to help them find the best solution to their recruitment problem.   If you would like to chat about how FRS can add value to your recruitment process or would like to evaluate the benefits of taking some of your IT systems back in house, then we would love to have a chat with you.

John Bergin – Principal  Technical Recruiter

FRS Recruitment

Tel: 086 1852363

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