WTW Golfsure How To Create A Summer Ready Golfclub During The Summer Months

Wed May 31 2023

See WTW ‘s best practice guidelines which can be shared with Golfclub clients, to assist them in preparing golf courses & clubhouses for the busy summer months ahead.

A summer ready Workplace

Hot temperatures and sunny days can be a massive distraction for employees. Follow these guidelines to make sure your employees maintain a strong work ethic despite summer conditions:

  • The summer season is full of employees jetting off on holiday, so it’s important that you have a strategy in place to cover the Golfclub during days off. Ensure all employees pass a handover document before they go on holiday, review staffing requirements & arrange for additional staff if required.
  • Schedule posts to go out on your company social media pages during any national holidays, which keeps the interaction going even when the Golfclub is closed.
  • Encourage employees to have a holiday. When employees feel exhausted, their work will suffer, so it is imperative for them to take time to re-energise and clear their minds. They will return to work feeling refreshed and motivated again, which is always a positive as employee engagement will increase.
  • As enjoyable as warm weather is, it can also cause heat stress which is considered a safety hazard. Put a policy in place based on a risk assessment which should include putting heat stress measurements in place and creating a plan to keep the workplace
  • Put a training session in place for all employees on what to do if they or others show heat stress symptoms and ensure there is easy access to water and air conditioning. Keeping employees hydrated is important for their health and their working ability.

Assess Driving Range Safety:

The owners and operators of the golf course have a responsibility to ensure the safety of all customers and staff at the golf course. Driving ranges if not maintained properly can pose a serious threat of injury or damage, to prevent same carry out the following:

  • Ensure Driving Range booths have fixed barriers/netting in place
  • Pedestrian routes should be clearly marked & located outside the swing radius of practice booths
  • Only one person should be permitted in the practice booth while in use & tee offs should only permitted from designated area ( unless accompanied by resident instructor )
  • Employees or visitors should not be permitted to walk onto the driving range area while it is in use
  • Ensure Perimeter netting is installed & maintained

Outdoor Work:

Outdoor factors such as sun, soil, plant & insects can cause skin damage, infections, allergies, bites & other serious illness to your employees and or visitors , in order to minimise the risks associated with outdoor work complete the following;

  • Inform employees of the importance of protection from the sun, ensure sun cream is available & over exposure to the sun is avoided (e.g. plan work to limit exposure to direct sunlight when the UV index is high & take breaks out of direct sunlight)
  • Put suitable measures are put in place when working in bad weather – Consider how bad weather affects the work and if the work should stop temporarily. A place to shelter and dry work clothes should be provided. Protection in cold weather includes layering of clothing and taking frequent short breaks in warm areas
  • Ensure suitable facilities are provided and maintained for cleansing of hands before eating, drinking or smoking
  • Provide suitable clothing & gloves and make sure they are worn as required. They should be appropriate to the weather conditions and the work done e.g. wet weather gear, long sleeve clothing should be worn where necessary e.g. when there is a risk of sunburn, scratches or insect bites
  • Always cover cuts & abrasions with waterproof dressing / plasters
  • Minimise working in and generating dust and where this is not possible, provide suitable personal protective equipment which should be worn
  • Always have a fully stocked first aid box available

Safe use of Golf Ball Collecting Machines:

Using a golf ball collecting machine may result in collisions or being struck by golf balls which may cause serious injuries to employees or others.  Below are some tips to ensure the safe use of same;

  • Ensure the Golf ball collecting machine is used, cleaned & maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Ensure Employees are trained to use the golf ball collecting machine
  • Ensure the golf ball collecting machine is checked before use, reported defects are dealt with promptly & any unsafe equipment is taken out of use
  • Ensure the golf ball collecting machine is securely attached to a towing unit (e.g a tractor or golf cart)
  • Ensure employees or visitors are not permitted on the driving range during golf ball collection

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