Zurich – Update for Insurance Brokers

Thu Feb 2 2023

Zurich Consumer Underinsurance Survey – Key Findings

In 2022, Zurich carried out a survey of over 1,000 Irish consumers. Zurich’s findings show that many homeowners have not ensured their home insurance cover is in step with both rising inflation and increased building costs, potentially leaving homeowners underinsured if something happens READ SURVEY REPORT 

Tips to avoid underinsurance

What is underinsurance? Underinsurance means your customers are not fully protected in the event of loss or damage occurring
to their home (buildings and/or contents including your personal possessions such as jewellery, sports equipment, pedal cycles) READ MORE 

Zurich – NCT Delays – What it Means for your Customers

Zurich are pragmatic and understanding in their approach to the current delays at the National Car Testing Service.

Under the current circumstances, if customers make every effort to book their appointment in the normal way and if, through no fault of their own, they’re unable to obtain their NCT due to backlogs at test centres, their cover will continue as normal provided there is evidence of an NCT appointment booking. READ MORE 

Zurich Blog – Motorway Driving Tips for Nervous Drivers

Driving on the motorway can sem daunting, especially if you are a newly qualified driver. A fear of motorway driving can make a driver nervous, but Zurich’s motorway driving guide has all the rules and tips needed to help new and experienced drivers stay in control

Motorway driving can be daunting, especially if you have only just recently passed your driving test. If you are a newly qualified driver and feel anxious, nervous, or inexperienced when it comes to motorway driving, we have some handy tips to help you feel more in control and make motorway driving less stressful.

Before you leave you should plan your journey, check traffic reports, plan your route in advance, allow extra time and avoid areas where there might be obstacles or hazards. Whether you’re planning to drive on the motorway or in wintery conditions, we have some road safety tips you should follow to take the stress out of your journey. READ MORE 


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