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2018 Broker 4 Broker Scheme

Thu Jul 12 2018

Easy Broker Access to Specific Products & Niche Markets

Do you have a specialist or niche product that you want to promote to the Broker Community? Is so, Brokers Ireland is currently compiling an updated version of their Broker 4 Broker Scheme in early Autumn 2018.

The Broker 4 Broker Web and Booklet facility aim’s to provide an easy reference guide created by members for members when sourcing and finding insurance specialist products within the Irish marketplace. Typically these are enquiries that are unusual or difficult to place due to their complexity or non-standard nature.

In providing a complete insurance solution for consumers, the Broker 4 Broker facility enables members to easily access specific products and niche markets.

Broker 4 Broker will provide members with a quick and easy reference platform through both website and published booklet format and will enable brokers to identify possible market for risks that are difficult to place.

If you offer a specialist insurance product that you would like to publicise to fellow Brokers Ireland members, contact us on for further information on the Broker 4 Broker scheme.


1 to 3 Product Insertions – €500 per insertion

4 Product Insertions – €1800 total price x 4

5 Product Insertions – €2,000 total price x 5

6 + Production Insertions – enquire with

Prices are inclusive of booklet and web profile