2019 Brokers Ireland Excellence Surveys

Fri Jan 25 2019

The Brokers Ireland Excellence survey 2019 will be broken down into three categories: General Insurance, Financial Services and Mortgages with each category sent out as separate individual surveys.

Each survey will be live for broker members to complete within a 4-week period. The survey only takes on average 30 minutes to complete and you can go in and out of the survey at different intervals, returning to where you left off each time.

The 2019 Excellence Survey Schedule is as follows:

    • General Insurance Survey- Released Mid-March
    • Financial Services Survey- Released Mid-April
    • Mortgages Survey- Released Mid-May

Please note that there will be one link to the survey per broker office so please assign the most relevant person (s) to complete the various areas within the survey’s to ensure we have an accurate measurement of the standard of service with the Insurance and Financial services market.

For further information on the Excellence survey, please contact events@brokersireland.ie

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