Strategy Development for 2024 – Examining HR and Recruitment Processes

Tue Dec 12 2023


As we approach 2024, it may be a good idea to take a moment to examine your HR and recruitment processes and prepare for the new year ahead. As you consider your strategy and priorities for next year, think of what your team accomplished this year and what resources you need to make next year even better.

Refine Your Performance Management Tactics

Performance reviews are crucial in working toward any company’s success. Do they accurately measure employee value?  Over the last few years since Covid, many of the performance reviews have been conducted online.  As companies move back into the office and into hybrid working environments, it is time to review your processes and ensure that your employees get as much out of the performance review as management do.

Reviews are an opportunity to open the dialogue between managers and employees to receive valuable two-way feedback. Ensuring they’re productive is critical to your employee development plan.

Focus On Engagement

Disengaged employees can cost your company money and can impact on your employer brand.

The downtime usually found at the end of the year is a great opportunity to focus on your engagement strategy by adding a little recognition to your holiday festivities. Employee recognition is an excellent and low-cost way to engage individuals.

Get your team to shout out their wins online to showcase your company and its values.

Get Your Team On Board

Set your department up for success in 2024 by coming together as a team and running through the past year. Highlight your team’s accomplishments, acknowledge those employees who have gone above and beyond, and foster excitement by outlining new goals. Provide all team members the opportunity to give input and determine as a team what goals are most essential to your department’s success. Once these goals have been identified, follow-up, hold each other accountable, and measure your team’s progress. By including everyone as part of the process, they’ll be invested and new staff coming into the team will be inspired.


If hiring into your team, remember to ensure that it’s not all about the skills and experience, but also about the culture fit.  A new team member that doesn’t suit the team can be a disaster for the growth and development of your team and indeed your business.  Challenge your department to view themselves from an outside perspective. Work as a group to identify areas that could use improvement, and focus your efforts on successful hiring strategies in the new year.

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