Annual Fitness & Probity Requirements

Wed Jan 10 2018

It is a requirement under the Fitness & Probity requirements that on an annual basis firms carry out an audit of persons who hold a PCF(Pre-Approved function) or CF (Controlled Function) role within their brokerage.

All persons who act as a PCF or CF should be asked to certify that they are aware of the Fitness & Probity Standards and that they agree to continue to abide by those Standards.   They are also required to confirm whether they are aware of any material developments in relation to their compliance with the Fitness & Probity Standards since due diligence was last carried out.

This initial certification was required prior to the 1st of December 2012, therefore as per the annual requirement it is now required to be completed for 2017.

All individuals holding a PCF/CF must read the Fitness & Probity Standards and complete the required Controlled Function Annual Declaration which is attached.  This declaration is required to be completed on letterhead and retained on file for all relevant staff.

NOTE: There will be a separate requirement to submit an annual PCF declaration on the online reporting system in 2018.  Brokers Ireland will update the membership when this is available.  

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