Awesome April – Radio Campaigns

Thu Mar 28 2024

Two radio campaigns for Financial Brokers (Life Insurance/Value of Financial Advice) and mortgages (mortgage will start on RTE radio (RTE, 2FM & Lyric FM) from 01st April and run for two months (31st May) to promote the benefits of using your local Financial Broker.


Titled the ‘In the Dark’, consumers will be encouraged to visit which is a landing page for mortgage services on the Financial Broker website. The mortgage page also contains three mortgage calculators as well as useful consumer guides and practical tips when applying for a mortgage.

To listen to our Mortgage Expert ‘In the Dark’ radio advert, click HERE


The Financial Broker radio campaign includes two adverts promoting Life Insurance and The Value of Financial Advice with the as the featured go-to for consumers to connect to Financial Brokers.

Listen to our Life Insurance and Value of Financial Advice radio adverts that will run throughout April and May 2024.

The 2023 Financial Broker radio campaign generated over 4,500 leads to the Financial Brokers website and saw a 24% increase in visits to the Financial Broker site last year. All advertising through digital and radio marketing campaigns directs consumers to the website and their local Broker.

 On average up to 40-60 calls are lost monthly from consumers who call individual Financial Brokers but their calls are not answered. So remember to pick up that call, it could be your next all important lead!

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