Are You Grandfathered in Mortgage Credit?

Tue Oct 23 2018

You’ll be aware that Grandfathering for Mortgage Credit Agreements ceases from 21st March 2019, creating the requirement to hold a professional qualification by that date which is recognised by the Central Bank under its Minimum Competency Code.

Last Chance to Register. Only One Exam Sitting Left to Get Qualified.

Time is limited to attain a qualification between now and then. To receive the QFA qualification, Grandfathers must sit two exams; Regulation and Loans. Approved courses are provided by the LIA. If you wish to sit the LIA exams, you are encouraged to contact the LIA as soon as possible to enrol.
You can call directly on 01 4563890 or email   You have until 26th October 2018 for January 2019 exams. Alternatively, click here to register:

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