BINS Announce New Agency Agreement with The Mortgage Store

Tue Apr 30 2024

Broker Ireland Mortgages are delighted to announce our new agency agreement with The Mortgage store, powered by The Bank of Ireland. Onboarding a new provider brings more choice to our members and to the consumer in a growing mortgage market. Broker Ireland Mortgages hold agencies with Dilosk (ICS), Finance Ireland, Haven, ptsb and The Mortgage Store which collectively offers a wide range of flexible products, rates, and services for a house buyer.

In 2023, the intermediary share of the mortgage market stood at 47.2%. In a growing market offering a choice to the consumer gives a financial broker the opportunity to provide a diverse suite of options to any client seeking a mortgage. As a Mortgage Packager our main objective is to allow for access to almost all the lending institutions that operate through the Broker market

The role of Brokers Ireland Mortgage Services is to liaise between the lender and the mortgage advisor, to undertake the administration associated with the application process. The mortgage unit will initially review your application to ensure it is packaged and presented in the best way possible and advise the Broker of any missing information or documents required prior to submitting the case to the lender, which inturn results in less clarifications from the lender. This ensures conversion rates of applications proceeding straight to Approval in Principle remain high. Lenders will not assess an application without all the necessary paperwork being received by them. The customer journey remains a priority when we assess an application.

The mortgage unit provides information to Financial Brokers on the various lenders and their products. Through our experience in handling high volumes of applications we are familiar with each lender’s specific criteria, requirements, and niche areas. As a result, the packaging of the application we send to lenders is crucially delivered to the required standard.

Brokers Ireland Mortgage Services continues to assist our members to build an excellent mortgage business and strives to be the market leading packager offering a quality and professional service. The service provided by us is of critical importance in ensuring that the growing mortgage market remains accessible to Brokers Ireland members. Brokers Ireland Mortgage Services is non-exclusive, meaning you can use your own agencies where you hold them and submit through our agency to banks you do not have a direct agency with.

If you want to develop and grow your Mortgage Business in 2024, or would like any further information on the services provided by Brokers Ireland Mortgage Services, please contact Kimberley Hyland, Mortgage Manager on 01 492 2203, or email

Pictured in image (L-R) Rachel McGovern, Deputy CEO, Brokers Ireland; Kieran Buckley, Senior Sales Manager, Bank of Ireland; Pamela Cox, Broker Relationship Manager, Bank of Ireland; Kimberley Highland, Mortgages Manager, Brokers Ireland Network Services

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