GDPR Two Year Review

Wed Jun 24 2020

Data Protection Commissioner GDPR Report 

The 25 May 2020 marked the end of two full years since the General Data Protection Regulation came into application across Europe. Data protection is now a firmly fixed point of public consciousness with ever greater numbers of people becoming aware of their rights as data subjects and growing media attention.

This report below from the Data Protection Commissioner provides an interesting synopsis of the work being done by their office including case studies, details of enforcement actions, statistics on breach notifications and so on. This document should be of interest to Brokers in this key compliance area.

DPC Ireland 2018-2020 Regulatory Activity Under GDPR

BIPAR – GFPR EU Consultation Process

As required by the GDPR implementing legislation, a review is taking place two years post the original GDPR implementation date. The EU is undertaking a consultation process to assess the impact of the legislation. BIPAR will be responding on behalf of Brokers, bearing in mind the impact on the intermediary sector, particularly SME businesses.


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