Broker Ireland Mortgage Applications

Thu Nov 22 2018

It is fast approaching time of year again.  The Christmas cuts offs have been announced and are as follows:

The Banks must receive all documents on applications before Wednesday 12th December to guarantee  drawdown before Christmas.  Documents received after this date the banks cannot guarantee the fund will issue.  Last cheques will be processed on the 19th / 20th of December 2018 for those cheque issues, but is important that the solicitor will not be on holidays the day of fund release.  We appreciate this is a busy time for all involved in the mortgage process and we will endeavour to help all those seeking funding this year, however it is important to note that all lenders have ceased doing escalations.

Brokers Ireland Mortgage Services main focus in the remaining weeks will be on completions also.  Therefore our Final date for receiving closing documents for application is  FRIDAY THE 7TH OF DECEMBER BY 5PM

To help please review the following:

1. All documents being submitted to Brokers Ireland Mortgages to be submitted to

2. Please DO NOT send emails to multiple staff on the same case, this is increasing our work load and reducing service levels.

3. Please check for spellings on names and addresses on all closing documents and check the AML for the file now to avoid delays.

This is not applicable to Pepper who have issued separate guidelines.   

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