Brokers Guide – Staying Connected to Business & Clients

Tue Nov 10 2020

Dear Member,

Brokers Ireland have compiled this guide to help support Brokers in addressing the challenges posed by the current COVID-19 restrictions. The aim of the guide is to enable Brokers to minimise the disruption caused to your business and to maintain excellent relationships with your existing clients, while continuing to grow your business.

The guide looks at the challenges for Brokers in managing your business successfully during the current pandemic. We look at some of the practical challenges of running your business remotely and consider a number of areas in which you can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your business in this new remote environment. It also considers challenges posed in maintaining the effectiveness of your team and keeping your team engaged while driving your business forward.

In a world where face to face meetings are no longer possible, we also look at some of the challenges around maintaining engaging relationships with your existing clients. We outline potential new solutions that you can adapt, and ways in which you can enhance your client value proposition while working remotely. We also delve into the critically important area of communicating effectively with your clients when unable to meet them in person.

The guide sets out some thoughts and ideas on how you can effectively grow your business while social distancing is in place and face to face meetings are not happening. Building your business is an ongoing challenge for all Brokers but this doesn’t stop just because you are working remotely.

I hope you find this new guide useful and beneficial in developing your business during this time. Brokers Ireland remain focused on helping members rise to whatever challenges this period presents and we are here to support you in minimising the overall impact on your brokerages.


Diarmuid Kelly
Brokers Ireland

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