Brokers Ireland 2021 Budget Submission

Tue May 5 2020

Dear Member,

Brokers Ireland has finalised its 2021 Budget Submission. The submission will be sent to the Minister for Finance once a new Government has been formed.

This submission deals with:

  • Lifting of 4% limit on AMRF withdrawals for 2020
  • Consequence of any reduction in the current €115,000 limit on earnings for tax relief on personal contributions to pension arrangements.
  • Consequence of any reduction on top rate tax relief on personal contributions to pension arrangements;
  • Increase of Standard Threshold Limit of €2m
  • Increase DIRT rate to the same rate as life assurance exit tax (LAET)
  • Removal of the 1% Life Assurance Premium Levy.

For any queries in relation to the submission please contact me at


Kind Regards

Rachel McGovern

Director of Financial Services

Brokers Ireland

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