Brokers Ireland and FRS Recruitment Announce Exciting New Corporate Partnership

Thu Jun 15 2023

15th June, 2023 – Brokers Ireland, the leading representative body for insurance brokers in Ireland, and FRS Recruitment, a long established, Irish owned Recruitment Agency with 11 offices nationwide and expertise in the financial and insurance sectors, are pleased to announce their new corporate partnership aimed at delivering enhanced recruitment solutions for the insurance industry.

The partnership brings together two industry-leading organizations to address the evolving staffing needs of insurance companies and brokers across the country. By combining Brokers Ireland’s deep understanding of the insurance industry with FRS Recruitment’s extensive experience in talent acquisition, this collaboration is set to create a powerful synergy that will benefit both employers and job seekers.

As part of this collaboration, the FRS Insurance team comprises a group of highly skilled professionals who will focus on matching qualified candidates with the right positions within the insurance sector. The team members include:

  • John Paul Fitzgerald (Compliance & Risk Specialist): John Paul brings a wealth of experience in talent acquisition and will focus on top quality candidates in this area.
  • Terence O’Hara (QFA Insurance Specialist): Terence possesses comprehensive knowledge of the life & pensions market and will play a pivotal role in identifying top talent across Leinster.
  • Sam Eydan and Jean Lawless:  Sam and Jean’s expertise lies in covering APA/CIP roles across Leinster, Sam will cover North Leinster and Jean South Leinster. With a keen eye for talent and a deep understanding of the specific requirements of the region, they will be instrumental in sourcing exceptional candidates for these roles.
  • Grace Hurley: covering APA/CIP roles in Ulster, Munster, and Connaught, Grace brings a broad geographical perspective to the team. Her comprehensive knowledge of these regions will enable her to identify and connect talented individuals with exciting opportunities.
  • Conor Kennedy: Conor’s specialization lies in covering QFA roles in Ulster, Munster, and Connaught. With his in-depth understanding of the requirements in these areas, Conor will ensure the delivery of high-quality candidates for businesses in this region.

Reach out to any of the above who will be happy to discuss your recruiting needs.


This strategic partnership aims to streamline the recruitment process, offering an efficient and tailored approach to employers seeking qualified insurance & financial services  professionals. With Brokers Ireland’s industry insights and FRS Recruitment’s vast talent pool, the collaboration is poised to meet the growing demands of the insurance sector in Ireland.

Speaking about the partnership, David Holton, Broker Relationship Manager at Brokers Ireland, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with FRS Recruitment. This partnership will allow us to further support our members in meeting their staffing needs, while also ensuring that talented individuals find rewarding careers within the insurance industry.”

Lynne McCormack, General Manager of FRS Recruitment, shared the same sentiment, saying, “We are delighted to partner with Brokers Ireland and leverage our recruitment expertise to assist their members in finding top talent. By combining our resources, we can provide a seamless recruitment experience for employers and candidates alike.”


Pictured at the official launch of the Brokers Ireland/FRS Recruitment Corporate Partnership from left to right:  Jean Lawless (FRS Recruitment – APA/CIP, South Leinster), Hazel Rock (Marketing Manager, Brokers Ireland), Terence O’Hara (FRS Recruitment – QFA Life & Pensions, Leinster), John Paul Fitzgerald (FRS Recruitment – Compliance & Risk), Sam Eydan ((FRS Recruitment – APA/CIP, North Leinster), David Holton (Broker Relationship Manager, Brokers Ireland)


About FRS Recruitment

FRS Recruitment are an Irish owned, multiple award winning Recruitment co-operative in business since 1980 and operating from 11 branches across the country.  They have experienced recruitment consultants working across multiple specialist divisions such as Insurance, Admin Support, HR, Accountancy & Finance, IT, Sales & Marketing, Engineering and Healthcare and can provide permanent, contract and temporary solutions across these areas.

FRS Recruitment are proud sponsors of the 2023 FRS Recruitment GAA World Games to be held next month in Derry.





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