Brokers Ireland Guidance on Direct Marketing – Data Protection and E-Privacy Rules

Thu Sep 3 2020

Brokers Ireland has updated the Direct Marketing Guidance incorporating both Data Protection and ePrivacy rules.  The purpose of this document is to assist members in meeting their data protection obligations.

The ePrivacy Regulations apply to electronic direct marketing (marketing conducted by phone, fax, text message, and email).

The ePrivacy Regulations do not apply to direct marketing to postal addresses, as this form of marketing does not fall within the definition of “electronic mail” in those regulations.  However, the requirements of GDPR and the Data Protection Act still apply and must be met where the marketing is addressed to a particular individual as opposed to “owner/occupier”.

The guidance document can be found in the Compliance Support section of our website under GDPR/Marketing Guidance.

If you require any assistance with this aspect of your compliance, or any other aspect, please contact

You can also email queries directly to the following contacts:



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