Brokers Ireland Media Updates 2021

Mon Jan 4 2021

A review of Brokers Ireland  industry news and press articles hitting the headlines commencing January 2021:

THE IRISH TIMES – 16th December 2021: House price inflation surges to pandemic high of 13.5%


GALWAY and ATHLONE ADVERTISER – 10th December 2021: Brokers Ireland advises mortgage holders to consider fixed interest rates

RTE – 8th December 2021: Interest Rates 

THE IRISH TIMES – 2nd December 2021: Non-bank lenders cut mortgage rates in face of KBC and Ulster departures

RTE – 1st December 2021: Finance Ireland reduces long-term fixed mortgage rates

RTE – 25th November 2021: No changes to Central Bank’s mortgage rules

IRISH EXAMINER – 25th November 2021: ‘Poorer for longer’: Number of home buyers under 30 has halved since Celtic Tiger

NEWSTALK – 23rd November 2021: Interview on Pat Kenny Show on Brokers Commission with Cathie Shannon of Brokers Ireland and Peter Boland of the Alliance for Insurance Reform.

IRISH INDO – 22nd November 2021: Brokers ‘must do more to cut the cost of motor insurance,’ insists reform group

BUSINESS POST – 21st November 2021: How Ireland Inc is changing tack as Sinn Féin’s path to power opens up

THE IRISH TIMES – 16th November 2021: Residential property prices up 12.4% in the year to September

IRISH INDO – 15th November 2021: Brokering change for the Irish insurance business in a dysfunctional market

RTE – 12th November 2021: Haven cuts seven and ten year fixed mortgage rates

THE IRISH TIMES – 12th November 2021: Warnings of market peak amid wave of ‘hot’ insurance broker deals

LEXOLOGY.COM – 20th October 2021: The CCPC, Insurance Price-Signaling and Regulatory Co-operation

THEJOURNAL.IE – 15th October 2021: Property prices rise almost 11% in a single year, CSO figures show

THE IRISH TIMES -15th October 2021: House price growth surges to 10.9% as demand outstrips supply

IRISH INDO – 08th October 2021: Pace of insurance reform is putting a brake on post-pandemic recovery

IRISH INDO – 05th October 2021: Call for Budget to end pensions ‘discrimination’ against private sector workers and self-employed

THE IRISH TIMES – 04th October 2021: Call for measures to end pensions ‘discrimination’ against private sector

THE IRISH TIMES – 28th September 2021: Why do some investors pay more tax than others?

IRISH EXAMINER – 18th September 2021: Young and low-income workers to be hit hardest if pension linked to life expectancy 

RTE – 15th September 2021: Property price growth hits 3 year high of 8.6% – CSO

IRISH EXAMINER – 08th September 2021: Competition concerns persist as Ireland back to having highest mortgage interest rates in eurozone

THE IRISH TIMES – 08th September 2021: Ireland returns to top of euro zone league for mortgage rates

RTE – 14th August 2021: House price rises – is there any let up in sight?

BUSINESS POST – 15th August 2021: No new law needed to ban ‘price walking’ on insurance

RTE – 12th August 2021: Price of homes up over 95% from low point in 2013 – CSO

IRISH INDO – 12th August 2021: ‘Perfect storm’ as no end to rising property prices

THE IRISH TIMES – 11th August 2021: Irish households worth more than ever and mortgages still among dearest in EU

RTE – 11th August 2021: Fixed rates account for bulk of new mortgage arrangements here

SUNDAY INDO – 08th August 2021: A lifeline or a debt sentence? The return of lifetime loans

IRISH EXAMINER – 31st July 2021: Some of Central Bank’s mortgage lending rules ‘crude and unfair’  

RTE – 22nd July 2021: Link to interview with Cathie Shannon of Brokers Ireland on ‘Morning Ireland’ business

RTE – 22nd July 2021: Central Bank seeks to end loyalty penalty for car and home insurance customers

THE IRISH TIMES – 19th July 2021: Stop kicking mortgage debt solutions down the road

EXTRA.IE – 14th July 2021: Central Bank warns banks must do more to solve arrears crisis

RTE -14th July 2021: Irish mortgage rates see small fall in May

THE IRISH TIMES -14th July 20201: Time is running out for older cohort of distressed borrowers

THE IRISH TIMES -14th July 20201: Podcast featuring Rachel McGovern of Brokers Ireland ,The EU’s sweeping climate change plan / “Scared and stressed” over-60s in mortgage arrears 

IRISH EXAMINER – 13th July 2021: Central Bank deputy tells banks to sort out running sore of home mortgage arrears

RTE – 13th July 2021: Central Bank urges action on long term mortgage arrears

THE IRISH TIMES – 13th July 2021: Over-60s make up quarter of long-term mortgage arrears

THE IRISH TIMES – 29th June 2021: Insurers say it is ‘essential’ remote workers review policies

RTE News at One – 18th June 2021: Rachel McGovern of Brokers Ireland interviewed 

THE IRISH TIMES – 17th June 2021: House prices grow at fastest level recorded in more than two years

IRISH EXAMINER -17th June 2021: Average age of solo homebuyer rises to 42 as ‘significant’ price hikes loom

IRISH EXAMINER – 10th June 2021: Age of first-time buyer rises to 34 as time in parental home lengthens

RTE – 08th June 2021: Childcare Costs – Today with Claire Byrne RTE Radio Tuesday

IRISH INDO – 26th May 2021: Women are under-represented in senior roles in the insurance industry

EXTRA.IE – 14th May 2021: New mortgage option set to shake up the market for homebuyers

THE IRISH TIMES – 13th May 2021: Finance Ireland first to offer 20-year fixed rate mortgages

RTE – 13th May 2021: Finance Ireland to offer 20-year fixed rate mortgage

ATHLONE AND MAYO ADVERTISER – 22nd April 2021: Irish mortgage holders still paying for mistakes of the past

THE IRISH TIMES -17th April 2021: KBC exit ‘raises fundamental questions’ for Irish banking

IRISH INDO – 17th April 2021: KBC exit ‘to lead to higher banking costs for consumers and small firms’​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

LONGFORD LEADER – 15th April 2021: Mortgage holders paying for past mistakes

KILKENNY PEOPLE – 15th April 2021: Level of pent up demand will fuel Kilkenny house prices for rest of year

THE IRISH TIMES – 08th April 2021: Irish mortgage rates remain ‘stubbornly high,’ new figures show 

EXTRA.IE – 07th April 2021: Arrival of Spanish competition sparks ‘mortgage war’ as Irish banks finally cut lending rates

EXTRA.IE – 27th March 2021: Secondhand house prices pushing up price of new builds before they are finished

LONGFORD LEADER – 27th March 2021: Mortgage holders paying price for unresolved arrears

THE SUNDAY TIMES – 21st March 2021: Brokers buckle under negative interest rate on client accounts 

RTE – 21st March 2021: Mortgage arrears – is this the calm before another storm?

IRISH EXAMINER – 18th March 2021: Ratings giant Fitch sees Irish bank bad loans rising and State’s credit guarantee scheme failing

THE IRISH TIMES – 18th March 2021: Residential mortgage arrears fall in last three months of year 

THE IRISH TIMES – 18th March 2021: Brokers call on Government to press ahead with State pension age of 67

EXTRA.IE – 15th March 2021: Mortgage approvals slumped by massive 48% over new year


RTE – 02nd March 2021: 70% of motorists unaware of ‘ghost broking’

IRISH INDO – 02nd March 2021: Many drivers remain unaware of ‘ghost broker’ fraud

THE SUNDAY TIMES – 28th February 2021: Loyal customers stuck at back of grid on policy renewals 

ATHLONE ADVERTISER – 25th February 2021: Brokers Ireland warns of future pension poverty

MAYO AND ATHLONE ADVERTISERS – 18th February 2021: Mortgage holders urged to switch amid slight interest rate fall

IRISH EXAMINER – 17th February 2021: Dáil to debate ‘price gouging’ and penalising of loyal customers in insurance industry

THE IRISH TIMES – 13th February 2021: House prices defy predictions to rise 2.2% in 2020

EXTRA.IE – 11th February 2021: House prices set to ‘pop like a cork’ as savings hit market

THE IRISH TIMES – 11th February 2021: Nearly two-thirds of workers have some form of pension cover – CSO –

IRISH EXAMINER – 10th February 2021: Government urged to extend Vat reduction until end of May

RTE – 10th February 2021: Ireland has second highest mortgage rates in euro area

THE MIRROR – 09th February 2021: Motor insurance chiefs are warning motorists to be cold snap ready 

RTE – 05th February 2021: Insurers urged to settle business interruption claims

RTE – 05th February 2021: Court rules pubs entitled to insurance over Covid closures

The Currency – 28th January 2021: The meitheal: a simple idea to double the size of our pensions

THE SUNDAY TIMES – 24th January 2021: Break yourself free from shackles of wage slavery

IRISH EXAMINER – 22nd January 2021: Concerns focus on small investors as €500m flows into unregulated loan note projects

IRISH EXAMINER – Saturday –  16th January 2021: Analysts see FBD losses rising and dividend delayed further if Covid insurance court case is lost 

THE IRISH TIMES – Saturday –  16th January 2021: FBD shares drop following UK court ruling on Covid insurance

THE SUNDAY TIMES – 17th January 2021: Workplace pension scheme cull could lead to ‘conflict of interest’

DUBLINLIVE.IE – 07th January 2021: Top tips on driving safely in snow and ice as Met Eireann issues weather alert 

IRISH INDO – 05th January 2021: Claims of a ‘rip-off’ as commission paid to brokers for car insurance rises by a third


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