Brokers Ireland Media Updates 2022

Thu Jan 13 2022

A review of Brokers Ireland  industry news and press articles hitting the headlines commencing January 2022:

RTE – 30th December 2022: 2022 a turning point for the property market?

EXTRA.IE – 15th December 2022: Mortgage rates fall below euro area average for first time

IRISH INDO – 15th December 2022: Property prices rise in tandem with loan rate increases – and that is before ECB’s new hike

IRISH EXAMINER – 14th December 2022: Property prices up by 9.8% in 12-month period

THE IRISH TIMES – 13th December 2022: Auto-enrolment pensions: What questions remain about new worker scheme?

THE IRISH TIMES – 06th December 2022: New pension options now available for business owners and the self-employed

OFFALY EXPRESS – 04th December 2022: Offaly insurance company wins prestigious award

THE IRISH TIMES – 01st December 2022: Insurance customers mistakenly believe loyalty is rewarded, study finds

THE SUNDAY TIMES – 06th November 2022: Irish homeowners need to act fast for decent fixed rate mortgage

IRISH EXAMINER – 28th October 2022: Banks set to move rapidly to pass on ECB rate hike

THE IRISH TIMES – 28th October 2022: ECB hike: Speed of interest rate rise could catch mortgage-holders unexpectedly

THE IRISH TIMES – 26th October 2022: Finance Ireland ‘temporarily’ pulls its most popular longer-term fixed-rate loans

RTE – 26th October 2022: Finance Ireland suspends longer term mortgage products

THE IRISH TIMES – 25th October 2022: Explainer: What will the expected ECB rate hike mean for your mortgage?

SUNDAY INDO – 23rd October 2022: With prices rising and interest rates set to spiral higher it is time to ask whether it is still worth climbing on that property ladder

THE IRISH TIMES – 21st October 2022: We should thank the central bankers for not easing mortgage rules years ago

IRISH MIRROR– 19th October 2022: Loan experts and opposition politicians warn homebuyers could end up in higher debts and in borrowing trouble after Central Bank changes mortgage lending rules

IRISH EXAMINER – 19th October 2022: Mortgage rules will need to be loosened again to keep pace with rate hikes, brokers say   

IRISH EXAMINER – 19th October 2022: Home ownership ‘increasingly the preserve of those on higher incomes’

THE IRISH TIMES – 12th October 2022: Irish mortgage holders warned to brace for sequence of payment hikes

IRISH EXAMINER -03rd October 2022: Brokers welcome Central Bank’s review of consumer protection code

RTE -03rd October 2022: Central Bank suggests possible changes to consumer code

THE IRISH TIMES -03rd October 2022: Withdrawal of Ulster Bank, KBC and branch closures negatively impacting services

SUNDAY INDO – 02nd October 2022: ‘Confuses rather than enlightens’ – Small brokers being ‘choked’ by CBI red tape, lobby group claims

RTE – 23rd September 2022:Regulator’s review highlights many homes under insured

THE IRISH TIMES – 22nd September 2022: Mixed reaction to Government’s pension plan

EXTRA.IE – 31st August 2022: Central Bank warns over-55s are now most in danger of falling into mortgage debt

THE IRISH TIMES -Saturday – 12th August 2022: Property prices rise 14.1%, taking index back to level seen at height of boom

THE IRISH TIMES – 10th August 2022: Irish mortgage rates edged lower in June ahead of ECB hike

RTE – 31st July 2022: Rates rising – Is to too late to fix?

THE TIMES/THE SUNDAY TIMES – 29th July 2022: Lone rangers in Irish business face down tax and pension trouble

BUSINESS PLUS – 23rd July 2022: Inside The Consolidation Of The Insurance Broker Market

RTE – 22nd July 2022: Banks notify brokers about tracker changes

RTE – 12th July 2022: Residential property prices up 14.4% in May, growth slows – CSO

GALWAY/MAYO/ATHLONE ADVERTISER – 07th July 2022: New insurance dual pricing rules welcome if limited – Brokers Ireland

THE IRISH TIMES – 11th July 2022: Small business owners are being locked out of pension plans

The Irish Times – 01st July 2022: Thousands of business owners locked out of pensions

NEWSTALK RADIO – 30th June 2022: Irish Drivers may be set for cheaper car insurance: Here’s why

BUSINESS POST – 19th June 2022: Government shelves rescue fund for bailed-out insurers that could have led to costly levy

GALWAY/ ATHLONE/MAYO ADVERTISER  – 16th June 2022: Brokers Ireland advises homeowners to ‘lock-in’ now for best mortgage rates

RTE – 09th June 2022: What does ECB rate hike mean for consumers?

THE IRISH TIMES – 08th June 2022: Interest rates on new Irish mortgages well above euro average, as ECB set to hike rate

THE IRISH TIMES – 23rd May 2022: ‘Don’t waste what might be the final opportunity to lock in a low mortgage interest rate’

SUNDAY INDO – 22nd May 2022: Could property have a soft landing this time around?

ATHLONE AND GALWAY ADVERTISER – 19th May 2022: Brokers Ireland advise Irish homeowners to avail of ‘lock-in’ best mortgage market rates

THE IRISH TIMES -18th May 2022: Homeowners could pay €400 extra a month if interest rates ‘normalised’

SUNDAY TIMES – 15th May 2022: Insurers to rule out picking up the cost of future failures

GALWAY AND MAYO ADVERTISER – 22nd April 2022: Continuing house price increases may not be sustained in current environment– Brokers Ireland

GOREY GUARDIAN – 20th April 2022: Economy of tomorrow is in safe hands

EXTRA.IE – 15th April 2022: House prices jump €30,000 in a year but increases may soon peak

RTE – 13th April 2022: Irish mortgage rates still second highest in euro zone

IRISH FARMERS JOURNAL – 08th April 2022: Spancilhill Horse Fair under threat as insurance issue looms

THE IRISH TIMES – 04th April 2022: Pricewatch: Good news for private sector workers in need of a pension

THE IRISH TIMES – 29th March 2022: Insurers still penalising customers for their loyalty

SUNDAY INDO – 20th March 2022: New European pensions saving regime takes effect this week

SUNDAY INDO – 13th March 2022: Brokers ask for loan alert to signal risk of securing a mortgage

IRISH INDO – Saturday – 25th February 2022: Irish motor insurers bow to EU Competition body

THE IRISH TIMES – 22nd February 2022: Rising rates: Mortgage holders should act now to protect themselves

IRISH EXAMINER – 17th February 2022: House prices to eclipse Celtic Tiger levels as ‘generation rent is stripped of chance to own home’

THE IRISH TIMES – 16th February 2022: €500,000 price tag for ‘average’ Dublin property

RTE – 16th February 2022: Annual home price growth hits 14.4%, highest level in six years – CSO

RTE – 27 January 2022: One third of workers still have no pension coverage – CSO

IRISH EXAMINER – Saturday – 22nd January 2022: Home insurance: What you need to know to cover all bases

TIMES IRELAND – THE SUNDAY TIMES – 21st January 2022: Irish householders can trim mortgage costs with a rates transformation

IRISH EXAMINER – 12th January 2022: ‘Central Bank and Government should be embarrassed’ at costly Irish mortgage rates

RTE – 01st January 2022: Supply-demand storm keeps on brewing for property market

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