Brokers Ireland Media Updates 2023

Tue Jan 3 2023

A review of Brokers Ireland  industry news and press articles hitting the headlines commencing January 2023:

ATHLONE/MAYO/GALWAY ADVERTISER – 28th December 2023: Escalating house prices gives cause for deepening market problems – Brokers Ireland

THE SUNDAY TIMES – 17th December 2023: Is the new mainstream pension scheme for Irish workers worth it?


LIMERICK LEADER – 07th December 2023: Making Cents: Eight pointers to help you in selecting a financial adviser

RTE – 06th December 2023: Code to make it easier for cancer survivors to get mortgage protection

IRISH INDO – 06th December 2023: Insurers make it easier for cancer survivors to get cover needed for banks’ mortgage approval

THE IRISH TIMES – 17th November 2023: Indexing pension cap would ease recruitment headache for top public posts

THE IRISH TIMES – 15th November 2023: Dublin house prices decline by 1.9% as higher interest rates deter buyers

GALWAY/MAYO/ATHLONE ADVERTISER – 09th November 2023: New homeowner relief as ECB stall further interest rate increases

THE IRISH TIMES – 28th October 2023: Motor levy reduction to save motorists on average less than €6 annually

RTE – 26th October 2023: ECB breaks record streak of rate hikes as economy weakens

Echo Live – 25th October 2023: 10 ways to lower your house insurance

ATHLONE/MAYO/GALWAY ADVERTISER – 19th October 2023: Mortgage holders must seek professional advice on interest rates – Brokers Ireland

THE IRISH TIMES – 18th October 2023: Financial planners: What are they and why do you need one?

THE IRISH TIMES – 14th October 2023: For well over a decade tracker mortgage holders were on the pig’s back. Things have changed

THE IRISH TIMES – 11th October 2023: Mortgage interest relief – who is not getting it and why?

RTE – 01st October 2023: Are property price rises about to take off again?

THE IRISH TIMES – 26th September 2023: Pension Awareness Week aims to take the mystery out of pensions

IRISH EXAMINER – 18th September 2023: House price inflation slows as interest rate rises impact property market

RTE – 18th September 2023: Annual house price growth cools to 1.5% in July – CSO

RTE – 16th September 2023: Explainer: How to keep your credit record in good shape and why it matters

BUSINESS POST – 14th September 2023: Irish mortgage holders brace for further pain as interest rates rise again

IRISH EXAMINER – 14th September 2023: ECB raises interest rates by 0.25% marking tenth straight hike as part of inflation battle 

RTE – 14th September 2023: ECB raises euro zone interest rates again by 0.25%

THE IRISH TIMES – 13th September 2023: Irish mortgage interest rates nudged up slightly in July

ECHOLIVE.IE – 08th September 2023: Banking industry announces support measures for mortgage customers

RTE – 06th September 2023: Banking industry’s new support measures for mortgage customers

THE IRISH TIMES – 06th September 2023: New supports for vulnerable mortgage borrowers welcomed

IRISH EXAMINER – 06th September 2023: Banking sector sets new criteria for mortgage-holders to switch lender

BUSINESS PLUS – 06th September 2023: BPFI Highlights New Supports For Struggling Mortgage Customers

THE SUNDAY TIMES – 27th august 2023: Choose the right financial adviser from Ireland’s crowded market

THE IRISH TIMES – 20th August 2023: Is the time right to abandon my rising tracker mortgage?

ATHLONE/GALWAY/MAYO ADVERTISER – 17th August 2023: Rising interest rates dampen demand – Brokers Ireland

IRISH INDO – 17th August 2023: Revealed: The regions where house prices rose the most over the last year

THE IRISH TIMES – 16th August 2023: Dublin house prices now falling at sharpest rate in almost three years

SUNDAY INDO – 13th August 2023: Six ways to reduce your mortgage payments

EXTRA.IE – 12th August 2023: ‘Gouging their customers’ – Profits at Irish banks are ‘obscene’, says chair of Dáil watchdog

BUSINESS PLUS – 11th August 2023: Banks’ Profits Labeled ‘Obscene’

RTE – 10th August 2023: Average interest rate on new mortgages here now above 4%

SUNDAY INDO – 06th August 2023: New EU rules could freeze ‘at least 20,000’ business chiefs out of executive pensions

AVONDHU PRESS – 31st July 2023: New study highlights gap between those who take financial advice and those who don’t

THE IRISH TIMES – 27th July 2023: ECB hikes rates for ninth time in 12 months amid war on inflation

THE IRISH TIMES – 24th July 2023: Users of financial advisers have 60% more savings, survey finds

ATHOLNE-MAYO-GALWAY ADVERTISER – 21st July 2030: Increasing interest rates causing concerns for mortgage holders – Brokers Ireland

EXTRA.IE – 16th June 2023: Interest rates now at highest in 22 years after latest ECB hike

THE IRISH TIMES – 16th June 2023: Further ECB interest rate increase will heap pressure on borrowers

BUSINESS PLUS – 15th June 2023: More Pain For Tracker Holders With ECB Set To Hike Rates Again

IRISH INDO – 15th June 2023: Sarah Collins: Hawkish European Central Bank lines up at least one more interest rate increase

IRISH EXAMINER – 14th June 2023: House prices rise at lowest level in two years amid ‘dysfunctional’ market

GOV.IE – 07th June 2023: Insurance Ireland Code of Practise for Underwriting Mortgage Protection Insurance for Cancer Survivors

IRISH INDO – 07th June 2023: Insurance companies launch new code for cancer survivors to get life cover

THE IRISH TIMES – 07th June 2023: Insurers open door on mortgage protection to cancer survivors

SUNDAY INDO – 04th June 2023: Brokers Ireland urges sustainable funds scheme to encourage investors away from low-yield cash accounts

ATHLONE/MAYO/GALWAY ADVERTISER – 01st June 2023: CSO house premiums reveal that excess has left the property market – Brokers Ireland

GALWAY/MAYO/ATHLONE ADVERTISER – 25th May 2023: Majority of borrowers feel the pain as ECB interest rate rises – Brokers Ireland

RTE – 24th May 2023: EU lays out plans to reduce retail investor commission

SUNDAY INDO – 14th May 2023: Risky business – How high hopes brought big problems for loan note investors

THE IRISH TIMES – 10th May 2023: Irish mortgage rates surge back above euro zone average, Central Bank figures show

BUSINESS PLUS – 05th May 2023: Yet Another Rate Hike Is Set To Hit Mortgage Holders

Daily Mail – 04th May 2023: Yet another rate hike is set to hit mortgage holders

THE IRISH TIMES – 25th April 2023: Is your home under-insured?

EXTRA.IE – 15th April 2023: House prices fall as rising interest rates spark loan fears

Highland Radio – 13th April 2023: Thursday’s Nine Til Noon Show – (Interview with Brokers Ireland)

IRISH EXAMINER – 04th April 2023: DoF study finds benefits in switching, but bank experts give mixed response 

SUNDAY INDO – 02nd April 2023: Brokers warn of impact of climate on insurance

IRISH EXAMINER – Friday – 16th March 2023: The European Central Bank raises rates by a hawkish 0.5% despite banking turmoil

THE IRISH TIMES – Friday – 16th March 2023: ECB pushes ahead with another 0.5% interest rate hike despite market turmoil

THE IRISH TIMES – 09th March 2023: Irish mortgage rates rise sharply in January as squeeze on mortgage holders tightens

THE IRISH TIMES – Saturday – 04th March 2023: Home insurance costs rise as owners are urged to ensure properties are adequately covered

WEXFORD PEOPLE – 22nd February 2023: Is now the right time to switch my tracker mortgage to a fixed rate?

THE IRISH TIMES – 15th February 2023: House price growth slows to 7.8% as market continues to cool

RTE – 15th February 2023: House price growth slows to 7.8%, down from 8.5% – CSO

IRISH EXAMINER – 15th February 2023: House prices rise by 7.8% in 2022 as average cost now €305k

THE IRISH TIMES – 09th February 2023: Irish mortgage rates remain among lowest in Europe but set to climb fast, says Central Bank

The Independent – 02nd February 2023: More mortgage misery: interest to climb again as banks start to pass on costs 

The Independent – 02nd February 2023: ECB interest rate is heading towards 4pc by May and don’t expect it to fall back soon

THE IRISH TIMES – 02nd February 2023: ECB’s planned March rate hike will not be last, Lagarde signals – The Irish Times

RTE – 22nd January 2023: Under-insurance leaving thousands of householders exposed

BUSINESS PLUS – 20th January 2023: New Record High For Average House Price In Ireland

THE IRISH TIMES – 18th January 2023: Irish house price growth slows to 8.6%


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