Brokers Ireland Media Updates 2023

Tue Jan 3 2023

A review of Brokers Ireland  industry news and press articles hitting the headlines commencing January 2023:

The Independent – 02nd February 2023: More mortgage misery: interest to climb again as banks start to pass on costs 

The Independent – 02nd February 2023: ECB interest rate is heading towards 4pc by May and don’t expect it to fall back soon

THE IRISH TIMES – 02nd February 2023: ECB’s planned March rate hike will not be last, Lagarde signals – The Irish Times

RTE – 22nd January 2023: Under-insurance leaving thousands of householders exposed

BUSINESS PLUS – 20th January 2023: New Record High For Average House Price In Ireland

THE IRISH TIMES – 18th January 2023: Irish house price growth slows to 8.6%


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