Brokers Ireland Media Updates 2024

Mon Jan 8 2024

A review of Brokers Ireland  industry news and press articles hitting the headlines commencing January 2024:

IRISH INDO – 20th May 2024: Insurers given two months to cut premiums after consumer groups call out high costs despite industry reforms

THE SUNDAY TIMES – 19th May 2024: Why switchers are back on Ireland’s mortgage scene

BUSINESS PLUS – 11th May 2024: Irish Mortgage Rates At Seven-Year High

BREAKINGNEWS.IE – 09th May 2024: Irish mortgage rates rise for third month in a row

ANGLO CELT – 09th May 2024: Irish mortgage rates rise for third month in a row

THE IRISH TIMES – 27th April 2024: Arrival of first overseas bank since Celtic Tiger a ‘win’ for consumers

RTE – 26th April 2024: Bankinter’s Ireland expansion good news for consumers

BUSINESS POST – 26th April 2024: ‘Unequivocally good news’ – business groups react to new entrant into Irish banking space

BUSINESS PLUS – 25th April 2024: Banks’ Arrears Supports Lashed

IRISH EXAMINER – 24th April 2024: Central Bank says inadequate support for borrowers contributes to mortgage arrears

IRISH INDO – 04th April 2024: Insurance claimants shun PIRB, preferring to take cases to court

RTE – 04th April 2024: Drop in injury claims’ costs but premiums rise by 8% – NCID report

THE IRISH TIMES – 04th April 2024: Irish insurers’ profits from business coverage rebound from ‘lost decade’ of consistent losses (lead business story)

THEJOURNAL.IE – 26th March 2024: Increase in early mortgage arrears ‘driven primarily by non-banks’ and a ‘cause for concern’

THE IRISH TIMES – 26th March 2024: Number of home loans in arrears increases slightly in final quarter of 2023

BUSINESS PLUS – 14th March 2024: 80,000 Face Higher Mortgage Rates As Changes Begin To Bite

THE IRISH TIMES – 08th March 2024: What happens if I take a break from paying my mortgage to give me extra cash?

ATHLONE-GALWAY-MAYO ADVERTISER – 07th March 2024: Year holds interest rate modicum of hope for consumers – Brokers Ireland

THE IRISH TIMES – 21st February 2024: Irish house prices defy impact of higher interest rates to rise by 4.4% in 2023

IRISH EXAMINER – 21st February 2024: Irish property prices rose 5% last year, CSO figures show 

BUSINESS POST – 19th February 2024: Analysis: Paying a mortgage into your 80s? Forget about it! For now at least…

BUSINESS POST – 16th February 2024: Irish mortgage rates still slightly higher than in EU

RTE – 25th January 2024: ECB keeps rates unchanged with not even a hint of rate cuts


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