Brokers Ireland Network Services Launch Updated Criteria Guides

Thu Sep 13 2018

Brokers Ireland Network Services have launched updated Criteria Guides which are set out per product per lender.  These are helpful guides to use for your Mortgage Queries and include information on, loan to values, terms and lender specific rules for related products.  These guides can also be found on the library system of the Brokers Ireland Mortgage Services portal.  We are also communicating to our members useful Assessment and Packaging guides for an overview to assist with underwriting and collating cases.

With intermediary mortgage business on the rise, a packager can be key in providing an efficient back office service without any of the overhead costs. Brokers Ireland Mortgage Services continues to strive to be the market leading packager offering a quality and professional services to its members.  If you would like any further information, please contact Brokers Ireland Mortgage Services on 01 492 2203, or email

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