Central Bank Portal Functionality

Tue Oct 10 2023

Members are reminded that access to the ONR via the standard login screen has been removed for all users since September 2023. Returns will only be able to be accessed via Portal and it is recommended that users have the access set up and are familiar with the Portal layout. All ONR users should have linked their ONR account to their Portal account by now. If any ONR users have still not linked their ONR account to their Portal, they should contact the Central Bank at portalsupport@centralbank.ie

Linking the Portal and ONR accounts will ensure firms retain the same permissions and access for the Portal which they previously had for the ONR. Limited companies (two director firms) are reminded that permissions should be set on the Portal to ensure that the second director is able to sign off on returns etc.

Guidance for users on the Portal is available here and specific guidance on how to set access/permission can be found Getting Started | Central Bank of Ireland

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