Central Bank Portal Update

Thu Jun 3 2021

The new Central Bank Portal was rolled-out in early May for retail intermediaries who were asked to register a Portal Administrator by 23 May.  This Portal will allow intermediaries going forward to:

  • View information relating to your firm;
  • Notify the Central Bank of required changes to that information; and
  • Communicate with the Central Bank regarding such changes via Portal Messages.

Over time, the Portal’s offering will be expanded to include additional regulatory and statistical services, including Industry Levy Management, Online Returns, and Fitness & Probity applications amongst other services.

The Request Changes outlined below are processed now exclusively via the Central Bank of Ireland Portal:

  • Change of Trading Name or Legal Name
  • Change of Address or Contact Details
  • Change of Investment Instrument/Services
  • Replacement Statement of Authorisations/Certificate of Registration
  • Change of person responsible for insurance distribution

Please note this portal system is separate to the online reporting system, intermediaries are still required to complete their annual return via the online reporting system.

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