Central Bank Updates

Tue Nov 16 2021

 2021 Retail Intermediary Roadshow

The Central Bank are holding their 2021 Virtual Retail Intermediary Roadshow on Wednesday, 24 November – 9:45am to 1:00pm.

There will be presentations followed by questions and answers sections on a range of topics, including: the Central Bank’s Strategy, Climate Change / Sustainable Finance and your business, how the CBI supervise the sector and what that means for your firm (from authorisation through supervision and where necessary, enforcement), the Central Bank’s expectations on key areas such as the importance of a Consumer Focused Culture, and advice on areas such as anti-money laundering rules, cyber security and protected disclosures, amongst other topics.

Brokers Ireland encourages all members to attend this event, to register, enter your details in the online form here.

Intermediary Times

The Central Bank published it’s November edition of the Intermediary Times on Friday the 12th of November.  This edition covers the following topics:

  • New Central Bank of Ireland (Central Bank) Strategy;
  • Information on the upcoming 2021 Annual Roadshow;
  • The Importance of a Consumer-Focused Culture;
  • Errors & Complaints – Minimum requirements for firms;
  • Differential Pricing & Business Interruption;
  • Telematics in the Private Motor Insurance Sector;
  • Retail Investor Protections in the EU Bank Recovery and Resolution Framework;
  • Crowdfunding; · Funding Levies 2020;
  • Anti-Money Laundering; and
  • Ransomware Attacks.

A copy of the newsletter is available here.

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