Compliance Onsite Audit Services for Members

Tue Feb 18 2020

Brokers Ireland members can avail of discounted rates with Compliance companies Regsol for external compliance audits and Atlantic Compliance for GDPR gap assessments.  Last year members were surveyed about Brokers Ireland members services and one of the key pieces of feedback was to include a scheme offering compliance auditing.

Brokers Ireland listened and sourced external compliance companies to provide this service at a discounted price for members. This service helps members reduce the cost of conducting compliance health checks and or GDPR gap analysis on their business. These services will result in substantial savings compared to other offerings reported to us by members.

Remember, as a member of Brokers Ireland, you still have access to the compliance team which includes phone calls, emails, visits to the BI office on a range of compliance queries and issues. This also includes review of documents, templates, authorisations, Ombudsman cases, etc. There is also a wealth of information and guidance on the members area of the website which our staff can direct you to on any compliance issues of relevance to you. All of this is included in your membership fee and there is no additional charge or change in this service.


Regsol consultants have a vast amount of experience in authoring, amending and reviewing compliance policy documentation across a wide range of industries.

In order to assess current levels of compliance or to assist in preparing for a CBI or DPC inspection they will undertake onsite reviews in areas of Anti-Money Laundering, Data Protection and Consumer Protection.

The practical steps involved include:

    • High Level review of existing Policies and Procedures
    • Interviewing relevant personnel ▪ Reviewing relevant documents e.g. ToB’s, Suitability Statements, Privacy Notice, etc.
    • Undertaking a sampling exercise of client files
    • Comprehensive Report detailing Review Findings & Recommended Actions
    • Serves as a roadmap for required actions going forward ▪ Can be provided to the CBI on request.

The Brokers Ireland 25% discount will be applied to the following rates:


Atlantic Compliance can conduct a GDPR GAP Assessment on site in partnership with you to determine your Data Protection readiness, aims, key areas of concern and what you expect from the Audit. You will receive a written report that clearly set out your current level of compliance, highlighting the areas that require further investigation and recommended actions. They will provide all policies needed and ensure your staff are trained. Their training is webinar based and you will receive a record of all staff that have completed training. You can avail of a full Audit, Policies only or Training only if you do not wish for a complete Audit.

Atlantic Compliance will offer a 25% discount to BI members if they wish to undertake a GDPR Audit, GDPR Policies Manual or Training only. Their fees are based on their time in business and staff numbers for the Audit and fixed cost for suite of policies and training.

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