Consultation on Commissions

Wed Jan 10 2018

CP 116: Intermediary Inducements Enhanced Consumer Protection Measures was published by the Central Bank on Wed 22 November 2017. Please click the above link to the full text of the consultations paper.

The Central Bank has issued this consultation under the headline ‘’Consultation proposes new rules on how financial intermediaries can be paid’’. Appendix 1 of the Consultation Paper sets out all the proposed changes to the Consumer Protection Code. There are 31 consultation questions to be addressed.  All of the issues raised in the consultation will be fully considered by Brokers Ireland and a detailed analysis of all proposed changes to the Consumer Protection Code will take place.

Please email any comments you have on any aspects of the consultation to .

These will all form part of the Brokers Ireland response to CP116  which will be made in advance of the March 22nd deadline.

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